Our method uses a truck mounted system that heats the water up to 240 degrees. We use a pre-spray to help work out stains and dirt prior to cleaning. Once the pre-spray has been applied and worked in, we use steam extraction method that evenly sprays the hot water into the carpet and simultaneously extracts it, making it a very efficient process without leaving any residue in the carpet.


There are many advantages of a professional cleaning. The hotter the water, the better cleaning you're going to get. When you use a do-it-yourself machine, the water is typically only as hot as the water that you put into the machine, which drastically limits the cleaning capability. Second, the vacuum power is far less, which leaves more residue and moisture in your carpet. When you use a powerful vacuum extraction system, you're guaranteed to get all of the pre-spray out of the fibers and drastically improve your drying time!

We can also help with your unpleasant pet stain and odor issues!

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